Sargent #507 Adjustable Rabbet Plane

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Sargent #507 Adjustable Rabbet Plane 1913-1943

This style was consistent throughout production

No. 507, Japanned Finish, 7 Inches, 1 7/8 Inch Cutter

The Cutter extends through the sides of the Plane a little beyond the sides in order to give a clearance: this permits the bed to follow along in the cut made by the bit without jamming on the sides. The sides are built up higher than on the ordinary Block Plane to give strength to counteract the side openings. The Cutter has a quick up and down adjustment, regulated by a direct-acting screw, for increasing or decreasing the depth of the cut.
This Plane is a very useful tool, it may be used as a regular Block Plane in addition to having the rabbeting feature.

Sargent #507 Adjustable Rabbet Plane
Sargent #507 Adjustable Rabbet Plane

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