Quickly Identify Your Hand Plane

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Quickly Identify Your Hand Plane

A Short guide to identifying the most common Vintage Hand Planes found. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should guide you in a general direction to find out who made your vintage hand plane.

And follow this link for more help “WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING VINTAGE PLANES”.

Vintage Stanley made:               Stanley type study

The lateral adjuster on a Stanley made plane.

Stanley lateralStanley lateralStanley-Bailey-2Stanley Bailey AdjusterStanley-Bailey Type 5 OnlyStanley-Bailey-Lateral

After 1885 when Stanley added the lateral adjuster, All Stanley Bailey and Stanley Bedrock planes had this style adjuster.

The first one is a Stanley Bedrock. An exceptional plane. Make sure yours in question has the Stanley Lateral shown above.

Bedrock type study

Flat top Bedrock

Birmingham Plane (B Plane)     Here is one restored

The Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company of Birmingham, CT (1885-1900)

Birmingham Plane (B Plane)

Birmingham Plane (B Plane)  Birmingham Plane (B Plane) Birmingham Plane (B Plane) B Plane Mosher PatentB Planeclip_image005

Sargent made:  Here is Sargent Dating info

The lateral adjuster on a Sargent made plane.

Sargent 1910 and before:

Sargent Sargent

The Sargent twisted lateral had 2 different guides,

The type 2 (horseshoe style on the left) and type 3 (bent type on the right)

Sargent Horseshoe lateralSargent type 3 (second lateral) Sargent Type 2&3 Only-2Sargent type 2Sargent Type 3 Only

Sargent 1911 and After: (Including Hercules)

Sargent type 4 and later

Sargent type 4 and laterSargent Type 4 and laterSargent Type 4 and laterSargent Type 4 and later

Millers Falls made:

That lateral adjuster on a Millers Falls made plane.

Millers Falls Millers FallsMillers Falls Millers Falls

Ohio Tools made: Here is some  more info and more pictures to help identify a Ohio Tools plane.

The lateral adjuster on a Ohio Tools made plane. Note this twist is slightly different than the Sargent or Union.

Ohio Tools

Early Ohio Lateral

Ohio Tools

Later Ohio Lateral

Later Ohio Lateral Ohio Tools toteOhio Tool-1Ohio Tool-2Ohio Tool-3Ohio Tool-4Ohio Tool-5Ohio Tools 6

Stanley made Defiance:

That lateral adjuster on a Stanley made Defiance plane.

Stanley made Defiance

Another telltale sign of the defiance plane is the flat sided reddish tote.

Stanley made Defiance Stanley made DefianceDefiance (late)-Handyman 1Defiance (late)-Handyman 5DefianceDefianceStanley made DefianceStanley made Defiance

Stanley made Handyman:

That lateral adjuster on a Stanley made Handyman series plane.

Stanley made HandymanStanley made HandymanStanley made Handyman Handyman Cap

Union made:

That lateral adjuster of a Union looks like the early twisted Sargent, but with a washer type guide like the Ohio Tools or Stanley.

Union Union UnionUnionUnionEarly UnionEarly UnionUnionUnionUnion

Stanley After the 70’s

Later StanleyLater Stanley

this is a Stanley type 21 (1962-67)

Stanley type 21

Stanley type 21

To Quickly Identify Your Hand Plane made by –



Upson Nut

Upson Nut 3Upson Nut 1Upson Nut 2

Vaughan & Bushnell

Vaughan & Bushnell-3Vaughan & Bushnell-1Vaughan & Bushnell-2

Here is one type of Vaughan & Bushnell 

Vaughan & Bushnell

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