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If it is not listed here, and is on this site, it is not for sale. I just need to downsize some of my collection. I will continue to add or update as time permits.

If you are interested in an item, email me at don@timetestedtools.net. There is not an automatic way to buy these. If i do not respond your inquiry likely went to some internet black hole, so try again (you can also try Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dwilwol)

Please add the box number and the item of interest. Make sure you let me know where to ship it if it is to be shipped. I will respond with a total. I will only hold a piece for 24 hours unless other arrangements are made. You are welcome to pick up the item (Hoosick Falls, NY) by appointment or pay actual shipping. I will take a check, money order, paypal or venmo as payment.

Also See the Hand saws

And See the Custom woodworking items

Also See the Custom Made High Carbon Knives

And See the Custom woodworking items

Click on the line for pictures and further details. If there is no link, email me and I’ll get it posted.

Reasonable offers will be entertained, especially with purchasing multiple items.

Box 1 ———————–

Box 2 ** ———————–Sargent

Box 3 —————————-

Box 4 …… ——————-Sargent Autoset—Scrub

Box 5 ———————–Siegley-Hahn

Box 6 ———————–

Box 7 . ———————–

Box 8 …. ———————–Smoothers

Box 9 ———————–

Box 10 …. ———-Jack & Smoothers————-

Box 11 .. ———————–

Box 12 block planes ———————–

Box 13 ———————–

Box 14 ———————–Smoothers

Box 15 ———————–

Box 16 …———————–

Box 17 ———————–
Box 18  ———————–Transitionals

Box 19 ———————–shop

Box 20 —————Circular & Misc

Box 21 ———————–

Box 22

Box 23 …. ———————–

Box 24 ———————–<<<>>><<<>>>

Box 25 *** ———————–<<<>>>

Box 26……All displays….All of the custom cut away views are $65 ea.

Box 27 ———————–

Box 28 ———————–
Loose ———————–

Hand Saws

Custom Made High Carbon Knives

Custom Woodworking items

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