Stanley #48 SW T&G Plane

Stanley #48 SW T&G Plane 


A complete Stanley Sweetheart  #48 Tongue and Groove Plane.

Include original blades which are typically missing at lease one of them.

As written on   “#48 Tonguing and Grooving Plane, 10 1/2″L (8 3/4″L 1939 0n), 5/16″W, 2 3/4lbs, 1875-1944.

This is one of Stanley’s better planes to use, and even the most ham-fisted power tool junkie can handle this plane and be amazed by its results. It works well, is practically indestructable, and is very versatile – it is designed to work stock from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ in thickness (the groove centers on stock 7/8″). The only general negative about the plane is that its tote is all metal, which makes for some discomfort when using the plane in colder weather – metal sucks the heat right out of your hands.”


This particular plane is in nice shape. I gave it a light cleaning. It was not rusty and did not take a lot of cleaning to this point. The rosewood knob is beautiful. Ready to use out of the box.