Stanley #20 Circular Plane

Stanley #20 circular plane

Stanley #20 Victor circular plane, 9 1/2″L (10″L 1912 on), 1 3/4″W, 4lbs, 1880-1958.

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“This plane, and the #20 1/2, are by far the best circular planes ever designed. The design continues to this day, being made by an English toolmaking firm that’s noted for finishing its tools with blue paint. The mechanical adjustment of the sole is smooth and accurate. The adjusting mechanism is not gripped during use, like it is on the #113, so there is no danger of changing the sole’s setting during use like there is with the #113. Yet, if you want to change the sole’s curvature while the plane is in use, when doing irregular curves, it’s easy to do by giving the adjusting wheel a slight turn. If a circular plane is slated for your set of tools, make it this one. You’ll be glad you did.”_

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