References For Hand Planes

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The mother of all Stanley information Antique Tools FAQ (as of 11/97)
Millers Falls here—
Learn to use the plane at his blog—-
The Hardware Companies Kollectors Klub –
Find the plane manufacturer by lever adjustment”:


WayneC also has a set of really good reference sites.


Other Reference Sites




Plane Parts:



My site




Dating References:

Timetestedtools dating the Stanley Bench plane

Timetestedtools dating the Sargent 400 series bench plane
Rexmills type Study frog comparison
Plane dating flow chart

 Dating hand planes

Rexmills sharpening
WayneC resources
Scrub Plane Iron Cambering A Guide to sharpening

 Wooden Hand plane History

Antiques tools for sale and Auctions
Meeker’s Mechanical Nature Antiques
Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools
Supertools List


Tap and die

St. James Bay Tool Company 12-20 Tap and Die Set.
eBay Seller Nicobie sells 12-20 Taps and Dies.
1/4-20 BSW –  located on eBay from a UK merchant.
Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Tap
Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Die

General Woodworking

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