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Included here are all of the web sites to help date, or otherwise known as typing or type studies for vintage hand planes.

And Make sure you are keeping track of your collection


TimeTestedtools Dating for Sargent #400 series

TimeTestedtools Dating for Sargent single number or Shaw patent series


Union Planes and What I know about them

Stanley Bench Planes

(The best books are Antique & Collectible Stanley Tools Guide to Identity & Value and Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America)

TimeTestedTools Dating for Stanley-Bailey’s 



Stanley Trademark Stamps at Virginia Tool Works

The Superior Works By Patrick Leach

Stanley Plane Dating Flowchart at WoodCenteral

Stanley Plane Features Timeline MegaChart

Bailey Identification at Virginia Tool Works

Wood And Shop


The Valley Woodworker

Jun Plane Fun –

Stanley English Bench Planes

TimeTestedtools English Plane type study draft

Stanley Block Planes

Virginia Tool Works

A Stanley #140 Rabbet and block plane Study (

Stanley Transitional Planes

Stanley Transitional Planes

Miller’s Patent

Record hand plane dating.

Typing the Stanley #45

Typing (dating) Bedrock includes Keen Kutter

Virginia Tool Works Bedrock Type Study

Dating Millers Falls

Millers Falls Plane Specifications at Virginia Tool Works

Dating Block Planes

Dating a #113

Wooden Hand planes

Identify the Maker of your Plane


The Chaplin Type study from Peter McBride

Stanley #71 – #71 1/2 and #271 type studies

Metal Router Type Study Page  by Lars Larson

Ohio Tools

My Notes on Ohio tools Timeline (draft type study)

Spoke Shaves

An Index of Various Spokeshaves or The Stanley/Bailey Spokeshave Index By Peter Robinson

Fulton & Craftsman     or download the Craftsman hand plane type study

Stanley #78

There is a two part type study that was published in the MWTCA Gristmill in 2008 —

This 2nd part has some changes that were made which make it better. —

Stanley Bailey Frog Type Comparisons

Stanley Bailey Frog type comparisons

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