Roger K. Smith’s Stanley Transitional Type Study

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Also see a list of my Stanley Transitionals. Although not all types are represented, all sizes are.

Type 1. Boston Bailey 1867-1869

A. Trademark stamped on iron. (Early models may have thick tapered irons stamped BAILEY or MOULSON BROS.)

B. Solid brass adjustment wheel has right hand threads (early adj. may be of two-piece construction). Name WOODS always removed.

C. Lever cap has smooth outside surface and is solid underneath with a “Banjo” shaped spring.

D. Low “Mushroom” profile of front knob with a beaded edge at base.

• No markings on the toe end.

• No lateral adjustment.

Type 2. Boston-New Britain (Stanley) 1869 only

E. All features of TYPE I except Eagle Trademark now stamped on toe end (no number). Planes in production at time sale were taken to New Britain and stamped with Eagle Trademark.

TYPE 3. First All Stanley 1870-1871

All features of TYPE 2 except: 

F. Markings on solid adjustment nut changed. (Note Bailey’s name missing.)

G. Front knob is rounder but retains beaded edge at base.

*Spring under lever cap is now rectangular.

TYPE 4. Stanley 1871-1872 All features of TYPE 3 except:

H. Bailey’s name reappears on solid adjustment nut.

type 4 Stanley Transitional Adjuster & Cap

TYPE 5. Stanley 1872-1874 All features of TYPE 4 except:

I. Number is added to the Eagle T.M.

TYPE 6. Stanley 1874-1884 (Major Change)

J. New trademark on iron.

K. Lever cap has pebbled outer surface and a recessed back.

L. Bead eliminated at base of knob.

M. Adj. nut is now recessed (Bailey’s Patent Dates are stamped inside.)

Stanley #34 Type 6

Stanley #34 Type 6

Stanley #34 Type 6

TYPE 7. Stanley 1884-1886 (Major Change)
All features of TYPE 6 except now equipped with:
X X. First lateral with two patent dates stamped, 2-8-76 and 10-21-84.

  • Eagle T.M. still on toe.

TYPE 8. Stanley 1886-1888
All features of TYPE 7 except Eagle T. M. discontinued.
N. New Trademark stamped on toe.
J. This stamp still used on irons until supply was exhausted.
O. New Trademark stamped on irons (short time only, very few observed).
P. New Trademark stamped on irons (most TYPE 8s equipped with this blade).
*Trademark O has been observed on both old and new style irons.
*Trademark P appears on new style irons only.

TYPE 9. Stanley 1888-1892
All features of TYPE 8 except has new style lateral with circular disk.
Patent dates stamped on lateral 2-8-76, 10-21-84, 7-24-88.
Q. New Trademark on irons of models manufactured in 1892 and later.
Variation of this stamp with patent date in smaller letter is probably earliest of the two.
Some specimens of this type have the trademark and number stamped on the toe & heel

The improved form of this Plane Iron renders it unnecessary to detach the Cap Iron, at any time; as the connecting screw will slide back to the extreme end of the slot in the Plane Iron, without the danger of falling out. The screw may then be tightened, by a turn with thumb and finger; and the Cap iron will serve as a convenient handle, or rest, in whetting or sharpening the cutting edge of the Plane Iron.

Stanley Jenny #37 type 9
Stanley Jenny #37 type 9

TYPE 10. Stanley 1893-1899 (Major Change)
All features of TYPE 9 except Bailey’s name and patent dates eliminated from recessed adjustment nut.
* Adjustment nut now has LEFT HAND thread.
Q. Trademark with patent date on all irons in planes of this type.
* “S’ marking on castings (code letter for sub-contracting foundry, name unknown).

TYPE 11. Stanley 1900-1904

All features of TYPE 10 except S casting marks eliminated.

*Only one patent date stamped on lateral lever, 7-24-88.

*”B” casting marks on some of these specimens (foundry name unknown).

 TYPE 12.  Stanley 1905-1908  
  All features of TYPE 11 except: 
R. New Trademark stamped on the toe. 
T. New Trademark on irons of models mfr. in 1907 and later. 
* B casting marks eliminated.  
 TYPE 13.  Stanley 1909-1912  
  All features of TYPE 12 except: 
S. Baileys name now cast on frame in front of knob. 
V. New Trademark stamped on irons starting in 1910. 
* Patent date eliminated from lateral lever.  
TYPE 14. Stanley 1912-1920 
All features of TYPE 13 excépt:
U. New Trademark stamped on toe indicated July 9, 1912 patent providing brass bushings and machine screws for holding the frog to the base
NOTE: The date stamped was obviously a production error. June 9, 1912 fell on a Sunday and all patents were issued on Tuesdays.
* Trademark V. stamped on all irons in planes of this type.
TYPE 15.  Stanley 1920-1921 
All features of TYPE 14 except:
W. New Trademark stamped on the toe.
X. New Trademark stamped on irons features the famous Sweetheart logo. (Probably used for a short time only, very
few observed.)
Y. New Trademark stamped on irons (variation of X, probably used one year or less).

TYPE 16 Stanley 1922-1941
All features of TYPE 15 except
Z. New Trademark stamped on toe (finally corrected the almost unbelievable production error of wrong patent date stamping).
AA. New Trademark stamped on irons (final variation of Sweetheart trademark used 1922-1935).
BB. New Trademark stamped on irons from 1936-1943.
* End of an Era (All Stanley wood bottom planes were eliminated in 1943).

Stanley #27 Type 16 Toe

Stanley #27 Type 16



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