Diamond Edge #4C by Shapliegh

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Diamond Edge #4C by Shapliegh

Shapliegh Hardware Co

Diamond Edge – Diamond Edge was a brand name used by the Shapliegh Hardware Co. Many were made by Sargent but other manufacturers may have made them as well. The easiest way is determine a plane’s maker is to remove the frog and look at the way the frog mates to the plane. The correct lever cap could have been plain or it could have had an embossed diamond with DE inside it depending on the age. Many Diamond Edge planes have a hard rubber (maybe gutta percha) tote.

In addition to its Diamond Edge,other recognizable “house” brands marketed by Shapleigh were Mound City, Norleigh Diamond, Diamond Brand, Jersey, Panama, Ice Diamond, Bluebelle, Sageware, Black Jack, Red Raven, King Nitro, Sahara, Black Prince, Blue Diamond, Rugby, Triumph, Defiance, Black Wonder, Double Diamons, Mascot, Bull Dog, Ozark, Columbia, Longwear, Mizzou,Bridge Tool Company and Bridges.

I have often wondered if some of the castings were not supplied by Sargent. They have a very strong resemblance, but the screws, lateral, threads, knob and tote and blade are all different.

Note the unique style of brass cutter adjustment knob.

This is a #4c I quickly tuned and tested. I believe the chip breaker is a replacement.

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