Sargent Shaw Patent Planes

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The Shaw patent was a design put out similar to the Bedrock. It’s got a frog design that allows the frog to be adjusted without the blade being removed. They are a high quality Sargent made hand plane. These were their #7 thru 24C.

The casting is heavy, the blade is thicker with a slight taper, the cap iron is heavier, and the knob and tote is nice. These were typically Mahogany.

I was also lucky enough to acquire a prototype for these planes. To a Sargent collector, the Sargent 6408 plane is one of the more sought after planes. I never thought I’d ever see one, say nothing about own one. That story is here.

To see how the sizes corresponds to other manufactures and series, see this page.

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Interesting note, Bedrocks came out in 1898, and this Sargent #6408 which is a prototype was made in 1906. Production of the first production Shaw patent was around 1910. But it wasn’t until 1911 that Bedrock converted to the flat side and the improved model, so Sargent had the “no blade removing adjustable frog” first.

clip_image003.jpg clip_image004.jpg clip_image006.jpg

Here is a Sargent #8  (Unless otherwise noted, these are from my collection)


Sargent #9


A Sargent 9C


2 Sargent 14’s (Note the first one has a type 2 cap)


Sargent #15 (more on this one here)


A Sargent Shaw patent type Study.

The best way to determine the type (according to Heckel’s guide, with Chuck Hegedus’s study)

Type 1 – 1906. Only came in a 6408 size. It has 6408 stamped behind the frog.

Type 2 – 1907-1909. It will have a twisted lateral. Plain cap.

Type 3 – 1910. Folded lateral. Cutter adjuster brass plated steel.Has brick pattern in frog recess.

Type 4 – 1911-1917. Folded lateral. Cutter adjuster brass plated steel.Has NO brick pattern in frog recess. A normal arch on the frog.

Type 5 – 1918-on. about the only difference indicated in the guide, is the plane number is on the right side of the frog, instead of in the middle like on the type 4. Parts are being used up, so many have a type 3 frog (with the brick pattern).

Type 3 on the left. Type 4 on the right.


Other Information

You can see in Sargent Plane by the numbers – with Pictures

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