Can you save that Cutter – Part 2

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Its well known I like to save as much of the original plane as I can. If you remember my first part CAN YOU SAVE THAT CUTTER you know this includes the blade.

This blade was a bit beyond just honing out the pits. But luckily it was only on one side, except for the very end. So this is where I turn the blade over, and use the blade backwards for the rest of its life. I’m sure someday, somebody’s going to see this plane and think it came from Stanley this way, because I’ve seen a lot of logo’s stamped on the wrong side. But in this case, it was me.

This is the back.


This is the front. Note I started to clean it up. It will be the back.


Some marking blue to give us a square line, back behind the pitting. We want to get to a spot that’s good for the back. The front is not important.


A quick note about cutting the blade off. Once its scored well, it can be snapped off in a vice. You don’t have to cut it all the way through. Just make sure to take care. You don’t want to bend it.

I use a dremel tool with a cut off wheel to cut them off.


I also polish the back before adding the bevel back. This is to ensure it’s past any pitting.


Even it up square will make it easier to sharpen.


Then just put the bevel back just like you normally would, except its on the back side of the blade.


And test for functionality. We’ve know put life back into an otherwise defunct blade.






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