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THE SARGENT HAND PLANE REFERENCE GUIDE & Inventory Workbook Combo is the  “The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide for Collectors & Woodworkers – Second EditionandThe Sargent Hand Plane Pocket Inventory Workbook” for on great price. Two great books for the price of one.

Note: If you would like the Guide signed, please let me know ahead of time.

 The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide for Collectors & Woodworkers – Second Edition is an in-depth study of Sargent hand planes from the earliest patented designs to the end of production, including brief descriptions of each plane in Sargent’s extensive line.

Sargent started making their own line of hand planes around 1887 and continued until about 1961. They are one of the few manufacturers still operating today as a hardware company.   This publication, “The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide  for Collectors & Woodworkers – Second Edition” authored By Don Wilwol, along with the collaboration of many other Sargent hand plane collectors and enthusiasts, is a continuation of the “Sargent Bench Plane Identification Guide The #400/#5400/#1400 Series” and the first edition of the “The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide for Collectors & Woodworkers”. Driven by a passion for vintage tools, especially Sargent bench planes, the author’s goal is to help educate others who may be just beginning or wish to learn more about using and collecting these fine tools. This book is a compilation of the data that has been gleaned though the process of finding, collecting, restoring and researching Sargent bench planes and to compile that work for others interested in this line of vintage tools. A special thanks to all those that shared their knowledge and expertise. It truly was a combined effort.

The Sargent Hand Plane Pocket Inventory Workbook

This book is sized to be carried in the field while at the flea markets, antique shops or auctions.

Keeping track of your collection is an important part of collecting and maintaining a collection. Although this workbook is written for your Sargent collection, you can also use the extra pages for other pieces in your collection. Each plane has a page and plenty of space for notes and listing of the planes you have, along with multiple types and notes on condition. This allows you to fill in the holes in your collection There are blank pages for other brand planes and notes and descriptions or list of what you need to look for. A description of the condition categories are listed on page 218 Happy Hunting!!

Knowing What You Need.
On top of making sure you don’t accidentally re-purchase an item, having an accurate account of your collection can assist in figuring out what you need/want to add to it. Regardless of what you collect, there’s undoubtedly something you’re on the hunt for. You may remember one or two of the “big” things you want, but there’s probably a longer list of smaller items that easily slip your mind.
Knowing what’s already in your collection will help remind you of what you don’t have. Say you’re creating a list of items that are a part of a smaller series within your collection (i.e., a specific author within a book collection). By looking at what you have, anything you’re lacking will stand out. This will make it easier to create a separate and more accurate wish list. Jotting down a list of things to look out for is great, but without knowing what you already have, it’s easy to leave something off your list.
Use the blank pages at the end to make extra notes and track your wish list.




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The book came today and all I can say is WOW! This is an amazing reference and beautifully done. What an incredible amount of work! Being the tool geek I am, I will read it cover to cover.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I received your book. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that. It’s a PhD dissertation. I mean that. It is an exceptional addition to the literature, will be used by current/future collectors/users, and was sorely lacking in the field. You will see over time. This will become a very important book. Like a dissertation, it’s factual; the reader can decide what it means to them. I’m so impressed.


Wow! I purchased “The Sargent Hand Plane Reference Guide” from my friend, the author, Don Wilwol expecting a small black and white rudimentary reference of plane models and instead received 267 full color pages of pure gold! WOW! What a book, Don! Very well done and on a niche of the plane market not well covered before now. Great job, my friend. I look forward to your next book!


Hi Don, I received the book today. Lots of great photos. I like that. Thanks.



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