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Type 17      1942-1945

All features of TYPE 16 except:
* Handles and knobs are of hardwood with dark rosewood stain.
* Wartime castings are noticeably heavier with thicker sides.
*Adj. nuts may be a small dia. of steel or large dia. of hard rubber.
(Sequence not known.)
* Some specimens of this period have been observed without frog adj. screw or kidney-shaped hole in lever cap.


** Heavier, thicker castings
**High front knob
** Raised ring cast in bed at toe
**Rubber or Steel cutter adjustment knob
   **Plane Size Cast in Toe in front of the knob
**”Bailey” Cast in Toe behind the knob
**”Made In USA” Cast behind frog
**Left handed depth adjuster nut
** Hardwood knob and tote instead of Rosewood
**Large depth adjuster nut (1 1/4”)
**Kidney shaped hole in lever cap
**Stanley logo on the lever cap
**Smaller sizes have rib at heel, #5 and larger will have a rib at toe and heel
**Frog adjustment screw on some (some were made without this feature in this type)
**Just “STANLEY” On Lateral Adjuster
**Ogee shaped frog
**Note “Made In USA” may be further back (behind tote) on longer sizes


**Check all listed, but telling signs of a type 17 is a steel or rubber depth adjuster and no frog


Stanley Type 17 KnobStanleyType17baseStanleyType17AllStanleyType16&LtrRib-witharrow


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