Stanley Type 16

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Type 16      1933-1941  (More Examples)

All features of TYPE 15 except:
BB. New trademark stamped on irons starting in 1936.
MM. Kidney-shaped hole now in lever caps.
NN. Casting marking on toe changed, now has the raised rib.
OO. Design change in frog receiver provides less metal between arched center rib and sides on most specimens of this type.
RR. Design change in frog provides an ogee-shaped back.
* Slightly raised receiver now provided for handle along with a reinforcement rib across the toe and heel edge of the plane bed.

**High front knob
** Raised ring cast in bed at toe
**Plane Size Cast in Toe in front of the knob
**”Bailey” Cast in Toe behind the knob
**”Made In USA” Cast behind frog
**Large depth adjuster nut (1 1/4”)
**Left handed depth adjuster nut
**Kidney shaped hole in lever cap
   **Stanley logo on the lever cap
**Smaller sizes have rib at heel, #5 and larger will have a rib at toe and heel
   **Frog adjustment screw
**Just “STANLEY” On Lateral Adjuster
**New Ogee shaped frog
**Note “Made In USA” may be further back (behind tote) on longer sizes

**NOTE..A Raised, broad, flat rib cast at toe and heel, with the New Ogee shaped frog, a frog adjustment screw, and brass fixtures, is probably a type 16.

StanleyType16 #4
Stanley Type16 Rib-Toe
Stanley Type 16 Rib
Stanley Type 16 Frog Reciever

Based on Rogers Smiths PTAMPIA Vol 1

Additional Stanley Type 16 Examples

Stanley #4 Smoother Type 16

Stanley #4 Smoother Type 16

Stanley #4 Smoother Type 16 This Stanley #4 Smoother Type 16 has has just enough rust removed to feel confident there are no cracks or breaks. The back of the iron has been flattened and iron sharpened. The tote had a nasty multi part break...
Stanley #4 Type 16

Stanley #4 Type 16

Stanley #4 Type 16 More Stanley type 16 Examples
Stanley #4C Jack Plane Type 16

Stanley #4C Jack Plane Type 16

Stanley #4C Type 8 Smoothing PlaneCompletely disassembled and lightly cleaned and oiled.Furniture waxed. More Stanley type 16 Examples (My #4-083023-3)

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