Stanley Type 15

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Type 15      1931-1932   

All features of TYPE 14 except:
* MADE IN U.S.A. now cast on bed behind frog.
* Patent date marking on bed eliminated.
UU. Casting marking on the toe changed.

**High front knob
** Raised ring cast in bed at toe
**Plane Size Cast in Toe in front of the knob  First Appearance
**”Bailey” Cast in Toe behind the knob  First Appearance
**Large depth adjuster nut (1 1/4”)
**”Made in USA” cast behind the frog  First Appearance
**Left handed depth adjuster nut
**Keyhole shaped hole in lever cap
**Stanley logo on the lever cap
**Frog adjustment screw
**Just “STANLEY” On Lateral Adjuster

**Note some type 15’s frogs were painted orange

**Note “Made In USA” may be further back (behind tote) on longer sizes

**Note: MADE IN U.S.A. behind frog, BAILEY cast behind knob, without the Raised, broad, flat rib cast at toe and heel is probably a type 15.



Based on Rogers Smiths PTAMPIA Vol 1

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A few Stanley Bench Plane Type 15

A few Stanley Bench Plane Type 15

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