Stanley #5 1/4C Type 17 Junior Jack

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Stanley #5 1/4C Type 17 Junior Jack (see more on the #5 1/4 story)

AN excerpt from “The corrugated version of the #5 1/4. A tough plane to find, if you’re smitten by the collecting bug. It’s the scarcest plane of the entire Bailey series (those offered in the USofA), but it doesn’t hold the honor of being the most valuable – that honor belongs to the #1. I’ve seen faked examples of this plane so let’s be careful out there!”

This plane will make a great user Jack plane, ready to go when you receive it. It could be turned into a smoother if you chose to replace the blade or regrind so the bevel goes the opposite way. There doesn’t seem to be pitting on the front side.

(My #SJJ-051720-1)

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