Defiance #1213 1/2 by Stanley

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This is said to be the the rarest or one of the rarest Defiance planes. They were only made from 1929 – 1932 according to “Antique and Collectible Stanley Tools: Guide to Identity and Value by John Walter” and it isn’t even listed in “The Stanley Plane: A History And Descriptive Inventory by Alvin Sellens”

This Stanley Defiance makes a pretty decent scrub plane if the blade is been sharpened with a camber. The mouth is already wide enough for some good size shavings.

This plane is as i found it. I have not cambered the blade for scrubbing, but I will if you’d like me to.

Here is my write up on Defiance

Actual specs:

  • Length 9”
  • Width 2 1/16”
  • Cutter width 1 5/8”
  • Weight 2 lb 0 ozs


Note the grooves on the lever cap. These are to allow the lever cap to be adjusted similar to a chip breaker.

Looking for a description of using a scrub plane then smoother, see the Rough to Finish section in “A Beginners Guide to Bench Planes – The Pocket Guide”



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