Sargent #6408 Shaw Patent Prototype

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Sargent #6408 Shaw Patent Prototype

The #6408 Sargent is one of the rarest hand planes you’ll need to find as a Sargent Collector. Other than this one, I’ve not seen another for sale, and I know of only 3 in private collections.

This plane is in this post,

This plane is also the actual plane featured inTHE SARGENT HAND PLANE REFERENCE GUIDE FOR COLLECTORS & WOODWORKERS – SECOND EDITION” also available on amazon.

It’s the plane shown on the back cover and on page 42.

In 1906, John H. Shaw patented a frog adjustment mechanism that allowed the frog to be adjusted without removing the iron. This patent was then manufactured as the Sargent’s #7 through #24. These were advertised from 1910 to 1918.

The Sargent Shaw patent was listed first in the 1910 catalog but was manufactured from approximately 1906 – 1918.

Type 1 and 2 Shaw patent planes are given the #6408 designation and were produced in only that size.  Type 3 planes include all sizes, #7-#24.  Some of the features found on the earlier types 1 and 2 also appear on some of the later planes.

This Plane is on the back cover

And Page 42-43


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