The Hand Tool Chronicles – A Time Tested Tools Collection – Edition No. 15

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This is the fifteenth publication of a series of chronicles which will be a Photographic Presentation of Woodworking Hand Tools with descriptions, informative articles and expert opinions. This edition “The Hand Tool Chronicles – A Time Tested Tools Collection – Edition No. 15” is a selection of best of

The Davis Level and Tool Co., Sargent 409, Standard Rule #37 (Upson Nut), Birmingham #101, Palmer Patent Metallic Plane Co.,Metallic Plane Co. – Elliot Storke Faucet Handle Smoothing Plane, Metallic Plane Co. – Elliot Storke Faucet Handle Jack Plane, The Metallic Plane Company Jointer, Circa 1876 Metallic Plane Co. Plow Plane, Metallic Plane Co. Wood Wedge Block Plane, Metallic Plane Co. #9 Block Plane, Helve a Small Bearded Hatchet, The Sargent Shaw Patent #6408, Upson Nut Block Plane, The Upson Nut #4, Upson Nut #110 Block Plane, Birmingham B Plane #4 ¼, Type 1 Union Smoother, Millers Falls Buck Rogers #714, Clifton #4, Diamond Edge #4, Ulmia, Ohio Tools Marks Patent #04, Ohio Tools, Edward Marks Patent, Stanley Defiance, Sargent #710 VBM, Gage #4, Edwin Hahn #3, Edwin Hahn #8, Edwin Hahn #14, G Davies Infill Plane Restoration, Sargent Prelaterals, The Simple Block Plane, Steers 304 Patented Bench Plane, A Jointer worth a Mention, Haley Router or Rabbet plane, Brass Badged Sargent’s, Making of the Cast Iron Carpenters’ Plane at the Stanley Rule & Level Company – 1898.

This is a must have reference series for any Hand tool enthusiast or collector or anyone who just likes to sit down with a book like the D’Elia’s Antique Tool Museum book, Warman’s Tool Field Guide, Murland’s Antique Tool Value Guide or any of the hundreds of other tool books and scroll through the thousands of images and descriptions and take in the history, the artistry and the uniqueness of the tools.


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