Author: Tom Strader

I was born in Ohio and raised on a farm where I learnt the value of hard work early in life. I helped my Father build our first house at the age of 10 by straightening and hammering nail for reuse. I've had many jobs in my 73 yrs on this earth, from Sears Service Tech, Pneumatic Mechanic, A/C Mechanic, Cabinet builder and Certified General Contractor, just to name a few. Navy Veteran from 1964-68. I have built 2 houses of my own in Florida and love to work with wood in all aspects. I have been a collector of old tools for 35 years where I have accumulated as many as 700 Planes, mostly wooden. I am a bit of a history buff and like researching 200 year old planes to find their makers. The beauty of a piece of wood made into a tool that preforms a task is a site to behold. I love sharing my knowledge of planes with others and hope my posts are to your enjoyment.