Famport – Possibly Consolidated Tool made Smoother

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Famport Tool Works NY – Possibly Consolidated Tool made Smoother

There is some speculation that Consolidated Tool may have bought parts from Sargent. There are some similarities and some big differences.

  • The brass is 13/32″ which is typical for Sargent
  • Knob and tote rods are 5/32″ unlike Sargents 3/16″
  • Threads on this on the knob and tote rods are a standard 10-24
  • Frog bolts are a standard 10-24

Note the blade lamination. The harden end is actually thinner than the low carbon steel.

It’s not a high quality hand plane. but it works.

If you have any information on Famport or what it might be I’d be interested to hear it.

I did find a Trade Mark registration renewal for Famport Hardware Corporation New York, NY filed Feb. 17, 1931 and the Famport Tool Co of Southington Conn in 1919, but that is all.

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