Infill Shooting plane. Make it a pair!

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Flash Back from 2013.

I modeled these after a Brese model.

Infill is ebonized walnut with bark Danish oil.
Sides and sole are precision ground steel.
Irons (still to be hardened) are O-1 1/4” steel.
Pins are brass.
Lever cap is brass.
Lever cap knob is from bridge city.
Bedded at about 38 degrees
Irons at 30 degrees.
Plane Length is 10″
Overall width 10 1/4″ Blade width is 2″

It weights 5 1/2lbs without the iron.
I got the metal at Mcmaster Carr.
The pins are brass, Bottom into the sole are through pins (Not sure I’ll do that again) and the top are brass screws set and filed.
I did not use epoxy on the through pins.
I did use JB Weld in setting the screws.
The sides are neither dovetailed or screwed, they are pinned.

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