Walker Turner 16″Bandsaw Restoration

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Back in 2012, I went to a tool auction. I went home with a few items, but the one of real consequence was the Walker Turner 16” Bandsaw. As best as I can tell, this was made sometime between 1938 and 1948. Its got a 22-639 serial number, which it seems Walker Turner put on a lot of stuff around that time. Some information seems to indicate its closer to 1948.

I’m just getting around to posting this Walker Turner 16″Bandsaw Restoration now, but this thing has been a work horse in my shop ever since I’ve had it.

Its a BN1135 16” Wood, built 1939 to 1948 (Discontinued 1948): serial 22-639
Mine will take a blade between 113”” and 117, so I have purchased a 114” blade. Not common, not uncommon, but at least not a special order.

I’m going to list a few helpful web pages, just in case you’re looking here for the same reason.

The only thing mine seems to be missing is the tilt mechanism. I found its common for these to break and I also found one that was made.

I sent an email to wtsmllc@juno.com which is Walker Turner Serviced Machinery LLC, PO Box 666, Coventry, CT 06238. They quoted me the price on a new tilt mechanism. A new mechanism is just under $300.

I eventually found one and purchased it off ebay.

I’ve decided at this point not to repaint the bandsaw. I may change my mind at some point, but the paint isn’t that bad. I’ve scrubbed it down and given it a coat of BLO to help protect it. But the rust is very minor and I’ve wire brushed the worst of it. At the current rat of deterioration, my great great great great grandkids may have something to worry about, but I doubt I will.

I’ve added a new set of tires.

These gave me a little problem. I thought the urethane tires didn’t need to be glued. After installing them, the top one began to walk off the wheel. All I had was spray 3M adhesive, so I figured I better do both tires. After gluing them, and waiting the 30 minutes the 3M can said it would take, I tried again. Now the bottom started to walk. I took it back apart and re-glued it and waited until the next morning to try again. This time it was good to go.

I ordered the tires from Peach Tree Woodworking supply. The price was about $35 for a set, everywhere else they seemed to be $35 each.

Next I went to to http://www.toolcenter.com/ and ordered a blade. This is the one I purchased.
87549-FLB9-2895 LENOX 114 in (9 ft 6 in) x 1×035 x 3 tpi H, R, FB

I also took all of the misc parts off, wire brushed them, checked the bearings, lubéd them all up really well and put them back together.

I’ve resawn 2 pieces so far. Both went fairly well. I suppose at some point I may upgrade to a new motor. The original motor looks to be a 3/4 hp. I say looks to be because the tag is pretty hard to read. It could use some more power.


split to this

And this 6”piece of Ash split a little harder.

I’ve still got a few things to do. I’ll either make or buy a fence. I’m not to concerned about the tilt mechanism. I’ve had my Central Machinery Bandsaw for 20 years and don’t think I’ve ever tilted it. I’ve got the table clamped flat right now. I’ve got a Permanent search set up on ebay as well. My guess is I’ll end up building one.

I’ll add some casters so I can slide it against the wall as well.

I need to run new wires, the existing is getting a little frayed, but I’m deciding if I want to play some musical motors and take a 3 hp off the shaper, put something else on the shaper. Probably put the original 3/4 hp back on the Central Machinery.

Here is the tilt mechanism i purchased.

edit: 3/2021. A new 2hp motor really helps this old girl. The starter went in the original motor, so I got tired of opening the door and spinning the wheel to kick the old girl off. I know I could probably replace the starter but I went from 3/4hp to 2 hp and it made a significant difference.

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