A Derusting Shoot-out

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By Blair Kemp

I thought i would do a quick shoot out for rust removal when scrubbing for light removal. This seems to be a topic with some wildly different views. The most common products we use for this tends to be windex, wd-40, penetrating oil, and simple green…so i wanted to show what the differences are.  I’ve added some videos as well.  *Please note i mixed up the order on the penetrating oil and simple green*


Derusting Shootout 1Derusting Shootout 2Derusting Shootout 3Derusting Shootout 4Derusting Shootout 5Derusting Shootout 6



TimeTestedtools Note: This principle can be used in hand saw restoration or any other vintage tool restoration as well. Another option is rust eraser pads instead of the Scotch-Brite Pads. Don Bosse mentions them in “Restoration of Japanned Plow Planes.


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