Hazard Knowles Patented Hand Saw

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From the collection of Michael Powers

This piece of handsaw history was picked up in an auction in Illinois. Hazard Knowles is best known for making the first American cast iron hand planes: see Patented Transitional and Metallic Planes in America, Vols. I and II, by Roger K. Smith and see an example here. But he also invented and manufactured other items, including a reciprocating saw mill and a mortising machine.

Here is a list of known locations and times for H. Knowles:  (ref http://vintagemachinery.org)

  • 1825-1833: Colchester, CT.
  • 1836-1850 Washington, DC.
  • 1852-1859 New York, NY.

US Patent: 7,603 (from datamp.org)
Teeth for straight and circular saws

Patent Dates: Granted:    Aug. 27, 1850


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According to datamp.org, There was an article on this patent in the September 1983 (No. 33, P. 5) issue of the MWTCA “Gristmill”.

If anyone has that article please let me know.




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