The Elusive Stanley Type 3.

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For the entire Stanley-Bailey Type study, click here

Since we don’t run across a Type 3 Stanley Bailey plane very often, and many tool folks have never even seen one, here are some detailed images of a #4 type 3.   (Roger K Smith’s type study below the images)

SB 4 type 3 plane 1SB 4 type 3 plane 2SB 4 type 3 plane 3SB 4 type 3 plane 4SB 4 type 3 plane 5SB 4 type 3 plane 6SB 4 type 3 plane 7SB 4 type 3 plane 8SB 4 type 3 plane 9SB 4 type 3 plane 10SB 4 type 3 plane 11SB 4 type 3 plane 12SB 4 type 3 plane 13SB 4 type 3 plane 14SB 4 type 3 plane 15SB 4 type 3 plane 16SB 4 type 3 plane 18SB 4 type 3 plane 19SB 4 type 3 plane 20SB 4 type 3 plane 21SB 4 type 3 plane 22SB 4 type 3 plane 17

This is what Roger K Smith has in his type study I PTAMPIA.

TYPE 3. Stanley 1872-1873 (Major Change)
All features of TYPE 2 except:

J. New trademark stamped on irons.

K. The center of the rounded sides is now further back.

L. Special frog piece attached to a vertical rib between sides. (Probably designed by Bailey because it is similar to the type he later used on his “Victor” planes in Hartford.) This feature has been observed on sizes #3 thru #8 only. All frog pieces are of the #3 size. Whether or not this was an experimental short run production or regular stock has not been determined. However, enough specimens are known to warrant listing in this study.

M. Adj. nut is now recessed. (Bailey’s patent dates are stamped inside.)
*Lever caps now have a recessed back.
Fillets eliminated at base of cross rib in front of throat. Rib is now lower.

Change in handle design.


For the entire Stanley Type Study, click here


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