From Mark H Robinson’s Collection – The Awl

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I’ve had a busy weekend, didn’t get to spend much time in the shop or on Instagram, so this fun post celebrates the start of another week, and of course, Markup Monday.

I’ve done a couple of other ‘awlful’ posts recently – they are truly inspiring tools, simple, ancient, essential, and seemingly infinitely variable… So here’s some of that variety! These were the first twelve that I grabbed out of a drawerful deep in the bowels of the vast archive, which makes them a random sampling… And, I can’t think of an hour of the day when, at some point, I haven’t needed an awl – so why not lay them out around the clock.

For those who care about such things, the background is the top of a free-standing incubator for chicken eggs, from Des Moines, Iowa, that dates from 1894.








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