Dating Sargent bench Planes – 400 Series Type 1

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Type 1…………….(1887-1890)

** Pre-Lateral frog
**Rosewood knob and tote (low knob)
** Right handed depth adjuster nut
** Round top frog without lateral adjuster
** Brass knob and tote nuts (13/32″ in diameter)
** Round heads on frog screws
** Brass Cutter Adjuster knob


picked up a type 1 #409. I thought it was a Stanley when I first picked it up because it had a Stanley Iron of the correct vintage. A quickly noticed some markings behind the frog that shouldn’t be there. A little rubbing and a number 409 immerged. At that point I knew the plane was coming home with me.

The day before I bought this plane I was fishing through a tool box and came across an old 2” Sargent iron. I thought, I may need that someday, so I asked the guy what he wanted for it. He said $5. I said I was thinking more like $3. No go so I headed back to throw the iron back in the box when he said, I’ll give you the whole box for $8. Sold. The box has at least 10 nice file handles, a broken distton but brass nuts, files and other goodies. The iron is a type 2, but it will fit nicely on this type one plane until I stumble across a true type 1.

What luck to buy a type 1 Sargent with a Stanley iron when I just bought the Sargent iron the day before!

The type information came from 2 locations basically, Dave Heckel’s guide, and HMike’s Blog.

Type 1 is 1887-1901

So here it is, with some notes about the type as I understand it.



Note the round headed screws.


The japanning is close to 100%. Other than the chip in the tote, this plane is in excellent condition.


According to the type information, the type 1 lever caps had a period along with the numbers. Types 1, 2 and 3 have the number plus a dot cast into the lever cap. Type 2 may have just number. Is it possible this got changes, or is it possible that some of the type 1’s made it out without the dot as well?



And after the clean up






Sargent Type Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5Type 6Type 7 Type 8 5400 Series





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