Sargent #409 Type 0

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Sargent #409 Type 0

Type 0 Sargent #400 series……(1887 – first run)
(Dates estimated)

This version of Sargent bench plane is one of the rarest hand planes you’ll need to find as a Sargent Collector. Other than this one, I’ve not seen another for sale. David Heckel mentions in “Sargent Planes Identification and Value Guide Second Edition” that the handle on this plane had “at that time” only been reported on a #408 & #418 plane. We have now found it on a this #409 and #422 as well. The #422 is in Casey Bentons Collection.

This plane is in this post,

This plane is also the actual plane featured inTHE SARGENT HAND PLANE REFERENCE GUIDE FOR COLLECTORS & WOODWORKERS – SECOND EDITION” also available on amazon.

It’s the plane shown on pages 98-99.