The Red Book Manual Training ORR & LOCKETT CO. CHICAGO: Benches and Tools

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A reprint of the publication “The Red Book Manual Training ORR & LOCKETT CO. CHICAGO Benches and Tools by Orr & Lockett Hardware Co. 14-16 w. Randolph Street Chicago”. This Edition is undated, but features the Stanley Bedrock flat side 600 series hand planes which it is believed were first featured in 1911 and it’s believed Orr and Lockett Co went out of business in 1916, this catalog would have been published and distributed in that timeframe.
This catalog is a wealth of information about the tools, equipment and hardware of the time. The reprint is 256 pages of tips and information along with Bailey Planes, Geo. E Bishop saws, Squares, hammers, measuring and marking tools, clamps, grinding machines, table saws and other Crescent machinery, drills, bits, benches, blacksmith tools and equipment, forges, hardware, screwdrivers, drafting tools, treadle machines, and much much more.
Tool collectors use original catalogs to identify the vintage tools they find. Since the original catalog are sometimes difficult to find and an original copy of this publication is hard to find at a reasonable price, reprinted catalogs work well.



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