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By David W. Babcock


Parts 2 and part 3 of this article summarized the planes listed in the catalogs of 1877 (Fig. A) and 1925 (Fig. B) respectively. This part will summarize the tools other than planes found in these catalogs.


Probably the most significant tool to appear in both catalogs is “Schwehr’s Improved German Hoe” (Fig. 1). Albert Schwehr’s Patent #216,224 of June 3d, 1879 was based on a type of hoe he made in Germany prior to coming to the United States. The hoe is in the 1877 catalog is shown with a flat rear in the eye, while the hoes in the 1925 catalog an oval eye in addition to the an expanded line of German Pattern Hoes. In either case the purpose of an eye of this design is to keep the tool from rotating about the handle while in use.

The 1877 Catalog lists only a hoe in the ”Planters” pattern and only in sizes 5”, 5½” and 6”. By the time the 1925 Catalog was published, the “Eye” hoes and German Pattern (Fig. 2 & 3) hoes were available in the following Models:

  • Planter Hoes 4”-9” in half inch increments
  • Tobacco Hoes 4”-9” in half inch increments
  • Sprouting and Grub Hoes 4” 4½” 5” 5½”
  • Heart Shaped Hoes 6”-10” in half inch increments
  • Onion/garden Hoe 3”
  • Corn Hoe 4½”

These hoes were forged from “Sandusky” spring steel and were intended for many years of service.

“Hercules” handled hoes were what appears to have been an “economy” line of tools offered by STC. These hoes were offered with either straight or “goose neck” shank. Unlike other economy hoes, the blade and shank of the STC hoes are forged from a single piece of steel, not welded or riveted. The Hercules line was available in the following models:

  • Cotton or Field Hoe 6”-10” in half inch increments
  • Meadow Hoe 7½”-10” in half increments
  • Regular Goose Neck Hoe 6” 7” 8”

Other hoes offered by STC:

  • Ehrnhardt’s Garden Hoe 6”-10” in half inch increments
  • Sidewalk Cleaner 7½” 8” 8½” 9”
  • Two Way Garden Hoe 1 1/8” x 3½” x 12 ¼”


Other tools by Sandusky Tool Co. shown in the 1877 Catalog

“Safety Steel” Axes, single and double bit (Fig. 4):

Light 3-5 pounds
Medium 5-6 pounds
Heavy 6-7 pounds

  • Long cutter, axe finish
  • Short cutter, axe finish
  • Pick Mattock


  • Railroad Pick 4-7 pounds
  • Mill Pick polished or black finish
  • Stone Picks 7-8 pounds polished or black finish


  • Stone Sledges
    • Cast steel face 6-30 pounds
    • Solid cast steel 6-25 pounds
  • Masons Hammers
    • Cast Steel head and edge
    • Solid Cast Steel
  • Mash Hammer – solid cast steel
  • Bushing Hammer – solid cast steel

Coal Miner Tools:

  •         Coal Picks 2-3½ pounds,
    •        Axe or black finish
  •         Coal Sledge 5-9 pounds
    • Cast steel face
  •                         Solid cast steel
  •                         Polished or black finish

Smith Sledges and Hammers:

        Sledges     6-25 pounds

                        Cast steel face

                        Solid cast steel

                        Black finish

        Hammers   2-5 pounds

                        Cast steel face

                        Solid cast steel

Miscellaneous Tools

         Grover’s Patent Pruning Shears

         Slitter with Handle

         Beechwood Chalk Line Reel

         Kitchen Tools

                Rolling Pins

                Beefsteak Mauls

                Potato Mashers

                Vegetable Slicers

        Cooper’s Froe and Drivers

        Stone Mason’s Mallets

        Screwdrivers, solid cast flat steel

                 1½” -2” and 3”-12” in one inch increments

         Door Stops – Maple and Applewood

         Folding Saw Bucks

         Saw Frames


Axe, Adze, Pick, Sledge, Mahl, Hatchet and Hammer

                The final tool shown in the 1877 Catalog is J.A. Montgomery’s     Patented Picket Cutter, Patent No. 62355 Granted Feb 26, 1862. According to, this machine was not known to have been produced.


Other tools by Sandusky Tool Co. found in the 1925 Catalog #25


        Blade 22”-24”

        Forged Spring Steel

Ice Cleavers

        Blade 25” long, 5½” wide

        Teeth 1¾”

        Handle 7” x 1¾”

        Forged high carbon spring steel

Iron Bench Screws

Self Aligning Steel Spindle Hand Screw

Length of Jaw 10”, 12” and 14”

Clamps Open 6”, 8½” and 10”

            Flask Clamps

                    Distance Between Screws:

                    12”, 16”, 16 ¾”, 18”


                    Tinners and Sheet Iron Mallets

                            Hardwood and Applewood

                    Applewood Carvers Handles

                    Leather Top Chisel Handles

                    File Handles

                    Hardwood Auger Handles

  1. Other tools by Sandusky Too Co. listed in both the 1877 and 1925 Catalogs.

                Wood Handle Screws (Fig. 5)

                        Jaws – Hardwood Maple or White Oak

                        Screws – Second growth Hickory

                        Clamp open – 1¼” – 17”

                Wood Bench Screws (Fig. 6)

                        Maple or Hickory

                        V-Thread or Square Thread

                Wood Cabinet Makers Clamp (Fig. 7)

                        Length 3’, 4’, or 5’,

                Bung Starters

                        Maple, Applewood or Lignum

                Carpenter Mallets

 Round head, hardwood or Lignum-Vitae

 Sizes; 5”x3”, 5½”x3” or 6”x4”

            Iron Ring Mallets

                     Round hardwood with iron band

                     Sizes; 6”x4” or 5½”x 3½”

            Square Mallets

                    Hardwood or Lignum-Vitae


                            6” x 2½’ x 3½”

                            6½” x 2¾” x 3¾”

                            7’ x 3” x 4”

            Marking Gauges (Fig. 8)

                    Common Marking Gauge

                    Panel Marking Gauge

            Bench Plane Handles – Beech (Fig. 9)

                    Jack Plane Handles

                    Fore Plane handles

            Saw Handles – Beech or Cherry

                    Plane or polished edges

                    Full Size Saw Handle

                    Panel Saw Handle for 16” or 20” saw

                    Back Saw Handle

            Chisel Handles (Fig. 6)

                    Socket Firmer Chisels

                    Plane Firmer Chisels


    Given the diversity of The Sandusky Tool Company products, had there been not been a devastating tornado, would there have been enough working capital to modernize and continue producing the quality tools they were known for? One can only wonder


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