Circular Planes

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Most major manufacturers of vintage planes had circular planes in their line up. Circular planes, or planes sometimes called Compass planes, are for planing convex (external) and concave (internal) curves in wood. They’re are both metallic and wood versions.

There are rumors that Millers Falls may have made a circular plane, but I’ve never actually seen one, and I don’t believe they ever made it to a catalog listing. Missing from my collection is the Ohio Tools 0113, 020, and the 020 1/2 (The Ohio planes followed the Stanley design with the 020 1/2 being like the #020 except for the finish)and an Evans Circular Plane. Some other images can be seen below as well from other sources.

  • The Stanley #113 was made from 1877-1942 (ref John Walters Book)
  • The Stanley #20 was made from 1897-1958 (ref John Walters Book)
  • The Sargent #74 was made from 1910-1943 (ref  Heckel)
  • The Sargent #76 was made from 1910-1943 (ref  Heckel)

Here are just a few, From left to right, top row, Union #411, Sargent #76, Stanley type 2 #113
Bottom row, Stanley #20, Sargent #74, Bailey #13.

Circular Planes -1
Circular Planes -2
Circular Planes -3

Sargent #76

Sargent #76 - 2
Sargent #76 - 3

Sargent #74

Sargent 74 -2

Sargent #1074. The only difference between the Sargent #74 and #1074 is the finish (The Sargent #1074 is from the Greg Heath Collection)

Sargent #1074
Sargent #1074
Sargent #1074

Leonard Bailey Started working on his circular plane around 1871. (#13) (More on this plane here)

Stanley #13 - 2
Stanley #13

Stanley #20

Stanley also made a #20 1/2 which was identical to the #20, except that the plane was japanned instead of nickel plated.Stanley #20 -1Stanley #20 - 2

Stanley #113

Stanley #113 - 1
Stanley #113 - 2
Stanley #113 - 3

My Union #411

Union #411 - (Like Stanley #113)
Union #411 - (Like Stanley #113)

The following images Are not from my collection. A Union 411 (like the Stanley 113) and the second a Union 414 (like the Stanley 20)

Union 411 (like the Stanley 113) and the second a Union 414 (like the Stanley 20)
Union 411-Union 414
Union 411-Union 414-2

Union #411

union 411


A Union #414

union 414
union 414 (2)

Union also made a #413, which was similar to the #414 but with a nickel finish

And finally a Union #311. I’m still looking for information on how this fits with the #411. It seems the #411 doesn’t have the number marked on it, but it’s in their 1905 catalog. This one is from Bill Gerold’s collection.

Union #311


Union #311
Union #311 lever cap back marked #311

The Ohio Tool Catalog excerpt.

ohio cat image

An Ohio Tools #020 (from the collection of Doug Wood)

An Ohio Tools #020 (from the collection of Doug Wood)

Follow the link here is a site for dating the Stanley #113

The Evans Circular planes were made from 1864 to 1871, Stanley Bought him out in 1871 (ref PTAMPIA) (An Example here—>)


This Kunz can still be bought today


Additional Circular Plane

Evans Patent Circular plane

Evans Patent Circular plane

(Quote from Patented in 1862, and quite successful in the marketplace, the Evans patent was certainly the first commercially viable metallic compass plane. Roger Smith observes in his first book that Stanley may have purchased...
Sargent #76 Circular Plane

Sargent #76 Circular Plane

Sargent V.B.M. Adjustable Iron Planes. Patented February 3, 1891. Circular Planes.Graduated Scale. These Planes have a flexible steel face which may be adjusted by turning the knob, to plane the arc of the required circle, either convex or...


Stanley #113 circular plane You can see more on circular planes here I believe this is a type 1/2 based on this site, A circular plane is a woodworking plane with flexible face adjustable ...
Stanley #13 Circular Plane

Stanley #13 Circular Plane

Stanley #13 circular plane (MY #13-181817-3)Stanley #13 Circular plane, 10 1/2"L, 1 3/4"W, 3lbs, 1871-1909.You can see more on circular planes here This is Leonard Bailey's design for a circular plane. It has a flexible steel sole which can be made...
Stanley #13 Type 1 & 2

Stanley #13 Type 1 & 2

I'd like to thank an email with further and better information. Note this early and rare plane has it's sole made from a single piece with no hinge. PTAMPIA (page 27) also has an image and information on this plane as well as John Walters guide....
Stanley #20 Circular Plane

Stanley #20 Circular Plane

Stanley #20 circular plane Stanley #20 Victor circular plane, 9 1/2"L (10"L 1912 on), 1 3/4"W, 4lbs, 1880-1958. Excerpt from “This plane, and the #20 1/2, are by far the best circular planes ever designed. The design continues to this d...
Union #311 0r 411 Circular Plane

Union #311 0r 411 Circular Plane

Union #411 Circular Plane Additional Circular Plane Additional Union Examples
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