I need to remove the handle on my old Stanley #45

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So where is the I need to remove the handle on my old Stanley #45, so where is the pin and how do I get it out?

the answer was posted on another forum by — Mos – Twin Cities, MN – http://www.youtube.com/MosquitoModshttp://www.TheModsquito.com.

And a little help from The Stanley “Forty-Five” Combination Plane: History – Identification – by David E. Heckel

Removing the Pin’s to actually save the handle is going to be a chore. I’d sure like to hear some success stories. Drilling them may be successful if your either really good, or really lucky. Both will definitely be in your favor.

On a type 1 they were a single pin in the middle of the tote on the right (depth stop/sitter) side.

Stanley switched to a single pin in the middle on the left side of the tote during Type 2.

By Type 7 Stanley switched to a pin in the upper and lower area of the tote on the left side, which is how it stayed up through Type 17 (end of production)




And thanks to Colin Schroeder for documenting his pin removal

Select a drill bit about 1/2 the diameter of the pin, A sharp split point seems to work best to start and stay in the middle. I also gently center punch the pin with a sharp center punch to help stay in the middle.


Drill into the pin in the center, start slowly to make sure you stay centered. A bit of cutting oil can help but may stain the wood. I drill in about 3/16 to 1/4 inch deep




I use a fine thread #6 sheetrock/construction screw.


Applying some downward pressure, start the screw into the hole you drilled into the pin until it feels like it’s grabbed, the pin may start to spin which helps make sure it’s loose.


Grab the screw head with a pliers and pull straight out while twisting clockwise a bit to keep the threads bit into the hole.


Voila! Handle pin removed!



Here is a#45 I restored which included a new handle.

Hope it helps

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