Stanley English Type Study Draft

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I picked this up from Instagram here,  and with permission, decided to carry on the conversation. My continued interest in the history of Hand planes just carries me further and further. Any help in this quest would be appreciated.

I’m still in the processes of verifying this, so for now, us it with that knowledge. I didn’t think Stanley started making plane there until much later. They did move tool production there, but the plane production is still a mystery with conflicting information.

Here is what bespokeshave had to say……..

No 4 1/2 smoothers  English (type study draft below). The 4 1/2 is 10″ long (1″ longer than the No4 and 3/8″ wider with a 2 1/4″ cutter) and its increased mass makes it hard to work but a very effective smoother.

Left: type 11 1910-1918 (APR-19-10 patent date added to bed) with wrong cutter and shop-made wood. Right: made in England notably wider at 2 7/8″ with sides 1/16″ thicker.

Here’s a gathering of possible info that considers type studies for English Stanley’s, started by Zeta in a woodwork forum
Stanley Tools UK bought JA Chapman in Sheffield and started making planes in 1937.
Type 1. 1937-39 Rosewood w/brass nuts
Type 2. 1939-45 Beech w/hard rubber nuts.
Type 3. 1945-72 Steel adjusting nuts.
(NB: adjusting nuts went from brass to steel to brass and back in this period. Blade tops changed to rounded at some time C1960s Y-levers went from cast to two-piece stamped and back to cast again at this time)
Type 4. 1972-83 Bed ribs
Type 5. 1983-85 G12-00X series
Type 6. 1985-2008 plastic handled
Type 7. 2008-present New SW planes bodies made in Mexico. Nos 265-11213 series: No 4 smoother, 62 low angle jack, 92 shoulder, 9 1/2 block, 60 1/2 low angle block.
Suggestions and improvements needed. 20 years ago no-one wanted English Stanleys, even though they have some advantages including mass and blade thickness (and availability) and they were cheap. Now, interest is rising again, check the IG posts on them, proud woodworkers and their English Stanley’s.
Anyone else have Canadian or Australian Stanley’s?

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