Edwin Hahn Planes

Edwin Hahn is one of the Wilkes-Barre PA plane makers. John Rumpf wrote an excellent book on the subject titled Plane Makers of Wikes-Barre, Pennsylvania: Jacob Siegley, Edwin Hahn, Keystone Tool Works which includes Jacob Siegley, Edwin Hahn and the Keystone Tool Works, all seemingly working together.

Edwin Hahn is believed to make planes from 1902 – 1919

Edwin Hahn #6 restoration before and after.


And after the restoration. (you may have noticed the original post had the wrong pictures)


A Edwin Hahn #5


Rumpf makes 2 possibilities for the GAR in his book. One being G. A. R. Memorial Junior/Senior High School or George A. Rubelmann Hardware Co. Its possible Hahn’s daughter married Rubelmann and he sold Hahn’s planes.


A Edwin Hahn #9


A #6 Edwin Hahn Pattern Makers plane. It is unknown at this time if this is a user modified Hahn, or if Hahn himself made pattern makers planes. I have never seen another.




Thanks to  Mike Te Velde for passing along that the thread count for his Hahn no 14 is 12/24.

Mike also made a new tote bolt from a nail.

Tote Bolt from a Nail Tote Bolt from a Nail

If you have any information outside of the book, I’d be interested in hearing it.

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