Fixing (or making) a Tote Bolt

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Many time there will be a need for a new tote bolt. Here is the remedy

Click here are f your looking for the tote repair help.

At the end of this there are links to where you can buy a 12-20 tap and die, or you can use a 12-24 and just retap the plane sole.

Cut the rod to length and thread both ends.


Cut a piece of brass rod to the right length. (7/16″ for Stanley, 13/32″ for Sargent)


drill and thread the nut. Cut the screwdriver slot.

IMG_20150328_091256749  IMG_20150328_091318699  IMG_20150328_091356775  IMG_20150328_091539650  IMG_20150328_095540704




Tap and die

St. James Bay Tool Company 12-20 Tap and Die Set.
eBay Seller Nicobie sells 12-20 Taps and Dies.
1/4-20 BSW –  located on eBay from a UK merchant.
Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Tap
Victor Machinery Exchange 12-20 Die                

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