Standard Rule Co. – Some Planes and Info

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Standard Rule Co. was established in 1872, Andrew Upson was president and major stock holder.

Standard Rule started offering planes in 1883.
It was a Patent of Solon Rust and Arthur E. Rust
Unionville NY
They merged with the Upson Nut Co. about 1888 (the company became Upson Nut

The plane manufacturing was then bought by Stanley in 1893.

A #3

A #4


This plane’s lateral adjuster is based on the 1889 lateral patent

US Patent: 410,710. Patentee: George Karrmann – Unionville, CT, Granted: Sep. 10, 1889

Some Standard Rule Transitionals

These are from the Solon R. Rust – Pine Meadow, CT and Arthur E. Rust – Pine Meadow, CT Patent of  Oct. 30, 1883.

US Patent: 287,584.


The following Standard RULE #24 is also shown here

Standard Rule 24
Standard Rule 24
Standard Rule 24
Standard Rule 24

Standard Rule 24 - 010
Standard Rule 24 - 05Standard Rule 24 - 06Standard Rule 24 - 07Standard Rule 24 - 08Standard Rule 24 - 09

US Patent: 287,584


There is a bit more Upson Nut info here

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