S. Biggin & Sons Backsaw Restore

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So here is the before of the S. Biggin & Sons – Sheffield Backsaw I picked up for next to nothing. So far all I can find is its From 1852 to 1856.

For more information on S. Biggin & Sons http://www.wkfinetools.com/hUK/Biggin&Sons/biggin&Sons-index.asp



So it took some handle work.


I didn’t try to match the old and new. I didn’t have any apple, and I kind of like the “I’ve been fixed better than new” look anyhow.


And after some soaking in evapo-rust, sanding and more sanding, some wire brushing and some polishing it came out like this.





I sharpened it, but its still got a little walk, so I needed to work that out. Its good now.

Its got a 5” depth of cut, 18” plate length               

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