A Millers Falls 74c Miter Box Restore

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I’ve wanted a miter box for a while, and had my heart set on a Millers Falls. I’ve looked at a few Stanley’s, but passed mainly due to price. While at an antique shop a short while ago I found this. Its a Millers Falls Langdon Acme Miter Box model 74C.




Once i got it home my intend was to just clean it up good and use it. I do remember walking to the shop one evening after work thinking, “maybe I’ll clean up the miter saw”, but I don’t know when it became a complete restore. I know I never intended it to be that way. I know at one point every piece was separated. They were cleaned, polished, honed and/or repainted.

I had to do a quite of bit of honing and polishing to get the cylinders to work right. The tooling marks were pretty prominent, leaving me to believe this hasn’t been used very much at all.



I even managed to peel the label off and glue it back on as it was before. I’ve gotten them off by heating them with a heat gun before, but this one just peeled right off.

The saw is a Disston-Porter Miter saw. I don’t believe its ever been re-sharpened and its still pretty sharp. I am going to use it a little to see if its ready for sharpening or if its ok as is. Its has a 24” blade being about 28” overall.




One more hand tool to add to the collection.





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