Stanley Type 2

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Type 2      1869-1872 (MORE EXAMPLES)

— F. Early models of this type do not have Bailey’s name on adj. nut
— G. The center of the rounded sides is now further back
— H. .Most models of this type have Bailey’s name on adj. nut.
* Spring under lever cap is now rectangular.


**No Lateral Adjuster
**Low front knob
**Bead at base of knob
**Plane Size Not Cast in bed
**Plane Size Under frog and Lever Cap
**”Bailey” Not Cast in bed
**Solid Brass adjuster nut
**Right handed depth adjuster nut
**Depth adjuster nut stamped “BAILEY’S PATENT”…
**No casting marks on bed. No plane sizes, etc.
**Circular hole in cutter at the top of the slot.
**Keyhole shaped hole in lever cap
**No logo on the lever cap
**Spring under lever cap is rectangular

**Note: A solid adjuster with “BAILEY’S PATENT” stamped on it and a rectangular type spring on the lever cap represents a type 2, either of these could have been replace, so start there but verify the rest.

Example of a #4

Stanley #4 Type 2Stanley #4 Type 2 frog seatStanley #4 Type 2 frog seat - 2Stanley #4 Type 2 bladeStanley #4 Type 2 chip breakerStanley #4 Type 2Stanley #4 Type 2Stanley #4 Type 2Stanley #4 Type 2 tote


Example of a #7

Stanley #7 Type 2

Stanley #7 Type 2

Stanley #7 Type 2 lever cap


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A Type 2 #6 —>



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