Saving a Stanley Type 2. Risk equals reward.

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I took a little risk buying this Stanley type 2 # 6. It had some condition issues. The issues included some pitting, one frog screw was broke completely off, and one had half the head broke so using a screw driver wasn’t a possibility. It was also missing the cutter and chip breaker. I will need to look for the correct cutter.

AsBought6 AsBought6-2

Note the solid back on the lever cap with the plane number stamped. An indication of a type 2.

AsBought6-3 AsBought6-4

Even removing the yoke made me a bit nervous. I’ve remove a lot of these, but never on a type 2 frog. It was slow and easy and very light taps on the punch. Luckily it came out with no issues.


The broken screws were the biggest concern. Removal of these would make or break the deal.


I put plenty of heat to help persuade the first one to come out. The I started with a punch to turn the screw. You can see in theis picture, it has already started to move. Once the flat spot for the puch was around to far to use, I switched to a small chisel (sorry, no pictures) and just kept working it slow and adding occasional heat.

AsBought6-8 AsBought6-9

Once the frog was free, I set my sites on the screw broken off. It was flush enough that vise grips wouldn’t grab it. so I hit it with the dremel to give me a flat spot, the a center punch for a starter. Then it was drill and grab the easy out extractors. My biggest concern was NOT drilling through the bottom. A hole in the sole would have ruined my day for sure.

An occasional tap on the extractor to set it in the hole was required. The extractor wasn’t quit long enough to reach about the sides, and I didn’t have a T handle to fit this extractor.

AsBought6-12 AsBought6-11

The tote bolt was also pretty solid and I was afraid I’d snap it off. I added some heat and just kept wiggling the vise grip until i felt it give. Then it came right out without issue.


Some polish for the Brass.


And sandblasted the base.


Note the plane number under the frog. Its one of the indications of the type 2. The frog was also sandblasted and ready for paint. I used Dupli-Color DE1635 Ceramic Ford Semi-Gloss Black Engine Paint as I describe in my restoration article.


The knob was just sanded and refinished. The tote was broke and missing the horn, so I replaced the horn, and epoxied the original crack. Its visible, but its part of the history. I had thoughts of making a new one, but decided to keep the original. It came out so well, I’m very glad I did.

And the after shots.

Stanely6-After2 Stanely6-After2

Stanely6-After2 Stanely6-After2





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