Stanley #65 1/2 Block plane

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Stanley #65 1/2 Block plane

#65 1/2 Block plane, 7″L, 1 5/8″W, 1 3/8lbs, 1902-1950. (ref

It is Identical to the #60 1/2, except that its iron is wider, and a little harder to find.

According to, the cap and front knob should be nickel. This one is not. Were they changed at some point, or did they come from Stanley that way? I doubt we’ll ever know. Either way this will be a nice users.

According to Virginia Tool works, this logo would have been circa 1909

Note the back of the blade isn’t perfect, but it works well. A few spots may require sharpening through or using the ruler trick to get past, but my testing showed no problems.

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