Sargent #5410 Type 3 Corrugated Smother

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Sargent #5410 Type 3 Corrugated Smother

The Sargent #5410 (or #410C) was the same size as a Stanley #4 1/2.

The #5400 series of planes are type 2 and 3 corrugated versions of #400 planes manufactured before 1910 when the VBM series was introduced. A corrugated type 2 or 3 would be considered a #5400 assuming it meets the other correct type criteria I.E. twisted lateral and thin casting.

** The 1907 update to the Sargent catalog included the new option of a corrugated bottom to the #400 series of planes and cataloged as #5400.

**The new catalog number was not marked anywhere on the plane. It is only a catalog reference.

This one came to me without an iron, so a new High Carbon Tool Steel (O1) Blade has been added.

The tote has been repaired but the rosewood and japanning are original.

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