With My Own Hands – Building a Krenov Style Hand Plane

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With My Own Hands – Building a Krenov Style Hand Plane

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In a world of heavy and expensive hand planes, making your own wood bodied hand planes makes them affordable, light in weight, low in friction, comfortable to use, and available in a any type
you can imagine.

Author, woodworker, and tool enthusiast Don Wilwol has been working with this type of tools and
tool making for most of his life. This book lays out clear, step-by-step instructions that will
enable any woodworker to make wood bench planes. This book shows you how to make and use self made wood bodied Krenov style planes. Although the focus is on one type of plane, the skills and processes used can be carried over to almost any type of hand planes and even other woodworking tools.

The book contains well over 100 full color images of step-by-step instructions and examples of
hand planes, the accessories with explanations and guidance. Mistakes the author has made are
mentioned and detailed discussions on what you will need to know to build the skill required to
make and use these planes.

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