My Hand Saw Collectors Notes

The Die Stamp was used pre 1860 when makers started etching

Split nuts are typically 1875 and before.


Some somewhat sought after saws

Disston D-20

The Rip version is scarcer than the crosscut


Disston Acme 120 (including the thumbhole)


Disston #7


Dome Nuts  (This Cornell-Willis-Hand-Saw with Dome Nuts can be seen here)

Cornell-Willis-Hand-Saw-06 Cornell-Willis-Hand-Saw Dome Nuts

Richardson Bros. No 12

Disston No 12


Disston No. 240 metal cutting saw  (No. 240 metal cutting saw. ca. 1945-1950 ) More at Disston Institute


General Information

Simonds made saws from 1902-1926

Their early saws had a medallion and etch with the crescent moon in it.


They later had 2 medallions. One said Simonds Saw and Steel and one just said  Simonds Saw.