This planes only shortcoming is most of the japanning is gone. You may be able to make out a brownish patina in the pictures. That is probably some kind of wax from the care of the previous owner. The blade is in excellent shape.

From   1925-1935         Offered as indestructable planes (maybe Stanley foresaw the nuclear arms race?), Stanley made these planes for heavy duty abuse. They advertised them as being useful for shops that had concrete floors. If I were in Stanley’s marketing department, back when the planes were offered, I would have added that the planes were also designed for those workdudes prone to losing their temper, where the planes can withstand their being slammed to the ground during a fit of rage, like after you smash your thumb with a hammer or something like that.”

Actual Plane spec’s

  • Length 14″
  • Width 2 1/4″
  • Cutter width 2″
  • weight 3# 9.4 oz