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Veritas Large Scraper Plane $160 .. (includes US shipping)

Includes the original Box. This is as close to new as you’ll get. I bought it before I found a #112. I used it a little, but not very much.


From Lee valley

The Veritas® scraping plane is the ideal tool for final smoothing — especially when you have to deal with highly figured wood or reversing grain. With a well-sharpened blade and light cuts you can achieve excellent results on any wood. Tear-out is virtually eliminated with the cutting action of the included scraping blade. The generous hardwood front knob and rear handle make it comfortable to use for extended periods and the large sole ensures an accurately flattened surface. The adjustable frog enables blade angles from 0° to 25°, providing fine control of the cutting action.

A feature unique to our scraping plane is an integral thumbscrew that bows the blade to eliminate ridges in the work surface caused by blade corners. The plane comes with a 0.055″ high-carbon steel blade suited to this technique, and an optional 1/8″ (0.125″) thick blade of A2 tool steel is available for those who prefer uncambered blades.

Also available is a 1/8″ (0.125″) thick A2 tool steel toothed blade with V-shaped teeth at 25 teeth per inch. The toothed blade will prepare a surface for veneering by lightly grooving it to increase surface area for better glue adhesion. It is also used to pre-condition areas of very difficult grain before the regular scraping blade is used. All blade styles are 2-7/8″ wide, hardened to Rc48-51, and come with the cutting edges ground at 45°.

The 9-1/2″ ductile cast iron body has been fully stress relieved, machined, and surface ground on the sole. Weight is 4 lb. Detailed instructions included.


Veritas Large Scraper Plane

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