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Stanley #6C (my # 6C-071617-1)  type 11 $

A very nice type 11 Stanley #6. Note there is a red undercoating that I’ve not run into before, so I’ll assume this has been refinished a some point in it’s distant past, although it does look like japanning to me. I decided top leave it because of the red highlights.

  • The tote is original but I have repaired it in two spots. (the repair is guaranteed)
  • The blade is a newer vintage. It’s a good blade but had a very steep angle which I chose to not grind out. It will eventually go away with subsequent sharpenings.
  • Sharpen with a shallow camber ( see photo )
  • Note the frog screw for a front toe screw on the tote.


Stanley #6C (my # 6C-071617-1)  type 11