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Stanley  #5 Type 8 Jack (My #5-091717-1)

  • The #5 is 13.5” ling and has a 2” cutter
  • It weight is 4# 3 ozs
  • It has been stripped and repainted with Dupi-color engine enamel (As in my website)
  • The knob and tote are Rosewood. The tote has been repaired. Note the lacquer spray didn’t come out as perfect as I like. It has a few runs.
  • It has a left handed cutter adjuster
  • It has been sharpened and tuned with a camber as a jack (see photos)
  • As with all type 8, It does not have the frog adjustment screw

The interesting part of this plane is each side is stamped W. H. Rhodes. A quick google search shows W. H. Rhodes is an Elementary School in Milton, FL.



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