This plane has been completely restored, tuned and sharpened.

See detailed pictures. The blade has some pitting on the top and some minor pitting about 1/4” in on the back opf the cutting edge. Once you’ve sharpened to it, (which will take a while I assume) you can either work it out by flattening some more or use the ruler trick for a few sharpening’s.

The rosewood is extremely nice on this plane.

Also note some grinder marks on the edge of the cap. These will not have any effect on performance and are basically unnoticeable except for close inspection.

This plane will make a perfect user type smoother and is a nice example of the earlier Stanley.

#4 type 8 4-121218-1b#4 type 8 4-121218-1a

#4 type 8 4-121218-1f#4 type 8 4-121218-1e#4 type 8 4-121218-1i#4 type 8 4-121218-1j#4 type 8 4-121218-1g#4 type 8 4-121218-1h#4 type 8 4-121218-1c#4 type 8 4-121218-1d